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This list may be incomplete.

  • Party Hat
  • Headphones
  • Ice Crown
  • 1st Year Party Hat
  • 2nd Year Party Hat
  • 3rd Year Party Hat
  • 4th Year Party Hat
  • Roman Helmet
  • Red Construction Hat
  • Blue Bunny Ears
  • Green Sunglasses
  • 3D Glasses
  • Lime Green Cape
  • Blue Mail Bag
  • Gold Medal
  • Hawaiian Lei
  • Blue Lei
  • Star Necklace
  • Body Items Lighthouse Donation Shirt
  • Snowflake T-Shirt
  • Tie Dye Shirt (from the Treasure Book)
  • Beta Grid Sweater (from the Treasure Book)
  • Beta Hat T-Shirt (from the Treasure Book)
  • MP3000 (from the Treasure Book)
  • Ice Skates
  • Geta Sandals
  • All Pins (with an exception of the pins that come with certain plays)
  • Western Sunset Background
  • Cadence's Autograph
  • Gary Background
  • Rockhopper Background
  • Rockhopper Background (plants)
  • Band Background
  • Band Autograph
  • Aunt Arctic's Autograph
  • Sensei's Autograph
  • Sensei's Autograph (fire)
  • Exclusive Rockhopper Background
  • Rookie's Giveaway Background
  • Beta Hat T Shirt

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