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This is how you unlock items on Club Penguin.

1. There are coins Click on a coin at the Beach on the homepage,

2 If you are at the login screen Click on the coin at the edge of the login screen.

3 If you are on Suggested Servers,Click on the coin at the edge of the screen.

4 Then click on a butten that reads "I have a book" or " I have a code.

5. If you click I have a book you have to choose a book your unlocking.

6. It will ask " What word is on page 11,7,from the left on line four?"

7. You have to answer the question. If you answered the question, You can get a book or lots of coins.

8. Have fun! Play now or Unlock more books.

If you clicked on I have a code

1. Type a code.

2. You can by rare items for free, get coins or Adopt puffles for free veiwing the tresure book.

3. Type another code or play now! have fun!

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