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1. Talk to Gary, jetpack guy, and rookie. Take the solar panel from the box of odds and ends found in Gary’s gadgets. 2. Go to the Beach and talk to the penguin with the jetpack. 3. Go into the Lighthouse. Grab the empty barrel. 4. Go back to the Beach. Talk to the penguin with the jetpack. Give him the empty barrel. 5. Follow the help message. Divide the units how it says to until you reach the end. 6. Go to the Dock. Talk to the penguin with the rope. Place the rope in your inventory. 7. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Place the solar panel on the wires of the magnet. Connect the wires. 8. Get the table, box of stuff, and clothes from the manager. Place them outside on the table. 9. Go to the Nightclub. Using the rope, put it on the pulley near the cage and press on the lever. 10. Open the box up using your wrench found in your Spy Phone. Align all the gears so that they all touch each other. 11. Go to the dock and you will meet a fake Klutzy. 12. Answer your Spy Phone again. Go to the Night Club. Pull the red lever down and capture Herbert. 13. Shine the lights on the solar panel of the magnet. 14. Herbert gets away. There is nothing you can do about it. You will still beat the mission. Talk to G and the mission will end. Claim your medal and gift.

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