Welcome to Club Penguin Answers Wiki. What would you like to know?

The rules:

  • No adult content, e.g: swearing violence, sexual content
  • No bullying
  • No spam or vandalism
  • No bias (use a neutral point of view, especially with cheating related questions)
  • No off-topic questions
  • No asking for passwords or treasure book codes and the like
  • We aren't psychics, so you can't predict the future - but we can make educated guesses
    • We also don't know questions that CP only knows either.
  • No subjective questions
  • No fan-fiction answers
  • Make your questions understandable
  • All questions (and answers) must be in English
  • We are a WikiAnswers, so we don't allow duplicates. Please use our search function to see if your question already has been asked. This will usually save time for both you and the sysops.
  • Do not answer your own question with a description of it.

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